How To Clean Reptile Tank?

Time to clean your reptile tank but don’t know what to do?

Have you recently raised a reptile and wondered how to clean its tank correctly?

I make sure that you want to give your reptiles a healthy environment in which to live and thrive.

This topic today will answer: How to clean a reptile tank?

Conventional disinfectant

Chlorine bleach is a solution of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide in water. It is also known as household bleach, liquid bleach, and under the brand name Chlorox.

Bleach is a very effective anti-microbial solution. It kills many types of bacteria by denaturing their cell walls, lipids, and proteins.

This also causes irritation of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes on contact, so it is by no means benign.

The main toxicity to non-microbiological life forms from bleach is from smoke, as it can react with other substances, combines and produces volatile organic compounds commonly found in paints and other household chemicals.

Hydrogen Peroxide

It is another form of oxidizing bleach, but it works with oxygen instead of chlorine. It is generally recognized as “safer” but is also less effective without other agents.

It will also release VOC if mixed with some other chemicals. When mixed with vinegar, it produces a highly effective disinfectant called peracetic acid – also highly caustic, don’t touch it or breathe those fumes!

It is really good at treating food surfaces and the foot itself, as long as it is thoroughly washed.


Vinegar is a relatively good cleaner, especially on the glass, but it’s not as effective at killing more terrifying bacteria.

Vinegar is not the right disinfectant for when you have serious health problems.


Alcohol, such as isopropanol rubbing alcohol, is highly effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

However, it is not recommended as a surface disinfectant as it evaporates rapidly, thus not providing the contact time required to kill germs and parasites unless used heavily.

It is also very flammable, so it is not a wise choice for cleaning large items.


How To Clean Reptile Tank

Ammonia is a caustic and dangerous compound of nitrogen and hydrogen.

Colorless gas with a characteristic dark odor. Although ammonia is generally not considered an antiseptic, its high concentration of ammonia can destroy the oocysts of coccidia, the larval form of the parasite.


Chlorhexidine is a versatile antiseptic and can be used to treat surfaces as well as skin and wounds in lower concentrations.

There are several forms – the most common for veterinary use are chlorhexidine diacetate and chlorhexidine gluconate. Since it needs to be diluted prior to use, either form is acceptable.

Most commercial versions of chlorhexidine are blue.

Other disinfection methods

High temperatures can kill most bacteria, but not all, and some eggs or oocytes can survive extreme temperatures.

Many home steam cleaners are able to reach those high temperatures, but in conventional practice and product instruction, this doesn’t take long enough to be safe. High heat will melt plastic and warp many furniture items.


Although it may seem time-consuming, maintaining proper cleanliness in your reptile tank is critical to the health of your reptile.

With a few simple tools, some disinfectants, and a proper schedule, your reptile tank will be clean and well cared for.

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Badminton movement techniques

Movement skills are one of the most important basic techniques in this badminton. When moving, badminton players need to combine the steps rigidly.

If not moved correctly, the techniques of hitting will be greatly affected. In a competition, if the player cannot move quickly and accurately, the tactic will lose its sharpness and intimidation with the opponent.

Therefore, we need to study and master the moves in badminton to be able to play badminton better.

Badminton movement is divided into 3 main ways, applied in both singles and doubles (men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles).

How to move single steps in badminton?

A single move is when the move only changes one foot and the other foot remains firm. This technique is applied much in the case of hitting the right, left, shot when the opponent’s head falls near him. It can be said that single-step movement is the most effective defensive movement technique, when the opponent has a sharp shot near you.

Preparing posture when moving single steps

  • 2 feet outstretched shoulder width
  • 2 kneeling, center of gravity lowered
  • Slightly leaning forward, eyes looking straight, hands in front.

From this position, we have two main types of movement: moving horizontally and moving backwards

Move single step in horizontal position (left, right)

  • Right / left heel as pillar, turn toe to right / left, create an angle of about 130 to 135 degrees.
  • Step right / left step after about 50 to 80 cm, the right to left foot with a line extending from the right heel parallel to the direction of the game. The hind feet are created with the angle of hitting at 45 degrees.
  • The focus is on the right / left foot, the person twists to the right / left, the whole body is in the shooting position.

Move single step in backward posture

When you notice the point of the bridge at the foot or at the base tròn the back circle, if on the right, use the left half of the foot as the pole and vice versa. Right foot takes one step back and then coordinates with the right hitting technique.

Then step on the right foot and step back to the starting position. With the left leg, the opposite.

Practice moving multiple steps in badminton

A multi-step or multi-step movement in badminton is a movement that changes the position of two feet and usually from two or more steps. This movement is used very often and has a direct effect on the performance of hand movements as well as other types of tactics.

This is a diverse technique, used to counter the demand curve far from standing. This is a basic defense and attack method, indispensable in the process of training and playing badminton.

The technique of multi-step movement in badminton includes two main types: moving horizontally and moving backwards and forwards.

Move multiple steps in a horizontal position

  • Stand in the middle of the field (on the center line)
  • If moving to the right, the player kicked his left foot hard and turned 90 degrees to the right, his left foot stepped forward, the focus lowered, his knees were low.
  • Next step right foot left foot and so on to the last step is the left foot touch the edge of the right edge.
  • The focus is on the left leg, the left knee is heavily bent, the body twists to the right in a right-footed position.
  • The last step is to move the tennis player forward, then step on your left foot to push yourself over 180 degrees to continue moving in the opposite direction.

Move backward and forward

Moving back and forth is the implementation of steps to move theer body moving backwards or forwards to play.

  • Preparing posture
  • 2 legs alternately run backwards or forward
  • Finish the last step is right or left.

Move hops in badminton

The technique of moving hops in badminton consists of three main types: jump forward, jump with jump and jump high, block the bridge.

Move the jump forward

  • From the prepared position
  • Using the explosive power of the foot, turn forward on the direction of movement.
  • Forelegs with long strides (usually the forwards will be with the hand to hit the ball). At this time the body will fly up a bit.
  • When it hits the ground, the foreleg is bent; focus on the front foot.
  • The person and the handle stretches forward in the direction of the game.
  • Stomping on the front foot pushes the person back to basic preparation position.

Move the jump with stepping

This move is similar to the way forward, the difference here is that in this technique there is a phase of turning and flying.

When performing these moves, first use the strength of the 2 legs and bounce high towards the move and send your body flying in the air.

Then, quickly use one foot to contact the ground, continue to use the foot to touch the ground sharply, according to the previous inertia, bringing the body to fly faster toward the moving incense.

The other foot with the new foot touches the ground and extends forward, when in contact with the ground, it is the same as moving and jumping forward, quickly step on the front foot and turn the body back to the basic preparation position.

Move the jump to the top or block the bridge

This technique is most commonly used in attack, allowing the player to capture the height of the flight path and hit the ball faster, the point of the grid closer.

This is done as follows:

Stand in a prepared position, using the explosive power of your feet to kick your body up high.

When you feel that the person is at the highest point, make a stroke and fall.

The first leg that touches the ground is the opposite leg with the racket handle. The other foot continues down and quickly returns to its basic preparation position.

The bottom lines

The above are the basic techniques in the move method. Practitioners should practice regularly to be able to play better badminton. In addition, to become a professional player, players must also practice other basic and advanced badminton playing techniques such as badminton mites, badminton articles, doubles coordination, badminton support techniques , badminton racket technique,…

Don’t forget: the skills important, but you also need good badminton gears from good badminton equipment brands, personally I like Yonex, you can see the list of best Yonex badminton rackets review for deciding which to buy (personally, I like the reviews from this blog)

For more badminton brands, see:

Is It Normal For Horses To Lie Down?

Night descends! It’s time to go to sleep. Are you ready to hop on your bed and lie down to ease your mind after a day full of ups and downs? Surely you will say a Yes but perhaps your horse will refuse, he wants to sleep standing!

That’s true! Your horse loves to stand while falling asleep. But is it normal for horses to lay down? Has this question ever popped into your head? Such a secret! Hmm, take it easy, the secret will be unveiled now!

sleep standing habit of horse
Horse loves to stand while falling asleep

Why Do Horses Sleep Standing?

It will be uncomfortable if you have to sleep standing up, but this unpleasant standing is the favorite sleeping position for horses! You know why?

To answer this question, let’s use a time machine to go back to the past and meet the horse ancestors! In the olden times, the wild horses lived on the vast desert called savannah. They are both a hunting target for humans and a delicacy for carnivorous animals.

Unlike buffaloes and goats that can use their horns to fight, horses only have the only solution is to flee to escape. On the other hand, predators like tigers, leopards, and wolves are mostly nocturnal.

Therefore, wild horses do not dare to sleep lying down in the dark, even in the daytime they only dare to doze off and stay alert. Standing posture can keep them ready for an escape. Perhaps the sleeping behavior of domesticated horses today is derived from their wild horse ancestors.

horse stand up to sleep
Standing habit is inherited from wild horse ancestors

Is It Normal For Horses To Lie Down?

So what if one day you see your horse lying down? Is it something terrible happening to your lovely pet? Well, stay calm. Not as serious as you think.

If I have to give an answer to the question “Is it normal for horses to lie down?”, I will definitely give a Yes! Lying down is nothing exceptional for horses.

When you see your horse lying down asleep, don’t worry as he is just falling into a deeper sleep. The amount of time a horse sleeps lying down is very short, less than an hour a day.

So don’t take it for granted that your horse always love to sleep standing, sometimes he needs to lie down to recharge the battery  just like you!

However, if horses lie down for too long, it can be an abnormal situation. Your horses will suffer from physical health deterioration. So, watch them out!

In Conclusion

The secret is unveiled! Whether horses lie down while sleeping? Yes! They do it. But they don’t spend much time on lying-down posture.

Their habit of standing while sleeping is inherited from wild horse ancestors. But they do lie down when experiencing a deeper state of sleep. So don’t take it seriously when you see a horse lying down,  don’t panic as you may wake him up!

most popular sports

Top 10 Most Popular Sports Over The World

In the world of sports, there have always been many ways to define the “popularity” of a game.

It is probably the most viewed, most popular and most commented sport. Or depending on the number of fans, the number of officially registered athletes, the number of players in this world. Or even based on the number of athletes, competitions and sporting goods consumed.

The popularity of sports games can also vary greatly by region. For example, archery is very popular in Oceania, but rather modest in the rest of the world. Or like volleyball (volleyball), organized quite organized. The FIVB World Volleyball League has at least 220 members. But we can say that this topic only attracted much attention at the Olympic Games.


Also known as the fastest game, “The fastest game on earth.” Hockey players often skate very quickly at 20-30 mph (approximately 30-45 km / h).

This is a fierce game with collisions, which is easily injured, so players must wear tight and dense clothes for safety (not in order to fight … with the cold coming from the ice rink). A strong “hockey puck” can fly at a speed of 100 miles per hour, so goalkeepers should wear protective armor with materials similar to police bulletproof armor.

Ice hockey is most popular in North America and Europe. The strongest national hockey teams: Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and the USA.


most popular sports - rugby

This is a game that combines soccer and football. Players can hit the ball, throw the ball, hug it and run into battle at the same time. The most famous rugby game in Oceania and South Africa has more than 5 million registered users.

The unique feature of the running ball is that the front players are usually tall and heavy, but they are responsible for … preventing the opponents from attacking. On the contrary, the back defender is small but nimble, often taking advantage to score scores.

In the past, the New Zealand rugby team was very strong, known by the nickname “All Blacks”.


One of the oldest games. To take part in the competition, you need only 2 opponents, and fists are very fast and strong. More personal, cruel, even fatal, he often attracts many fans.

In the past, there were many battles in large stadiums that attracted more than one hundred thousand spectators. In particular, amateur boxing in the Olympic ring, when boxers wear hats and change the rules, significantly reduced the number of bad parts.

In the history of this game, American boxer Muhammad Ali is classified as a monster. This is known to 97% of Americans over 12 years old. Since they are constantly beaten, boxers after 87% of the brain removed more or less damage. Muhammad Ali is also a victim of this brutal game.


You may not know that in ancient times, before using racquets, people played tennis … with your palm. Felt balls were previously white, but since 1972 they have been painted yellow, which makes it easier to view them on a color TV screen.

An important weapon of tennis is the pitch. On the male side, the Croatian Ivo Karlovich currently has the most powerful services. At the Davis Cup in 2011, its submission was 56 mph (251 km / h). The person with the most intensive service on the female side is American tennis player Venus Williams. She served the ball at a speed of 205 km/h.

A tennis professional also leads the world in terms of equal treatment. Since 2007, Wimbledon singles for men and women have won a world-class check worth about $ 1,120,000.


Table tennis or ping-pong is one of the most popular sports in the world, because it is easy to play, play smoothly, physically active and very exciting. Approximately 10 million high and low players are registered each year around the world.

Table tennis was on the agenda of the Olympics after the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The best countries in the game are Korea, China and Sweden. In many places in Asia and Europe, the best players are big stars invited to sponsor, generous advertising …

Due to the popularity of table tennis in mainland China, the 1971 event was called “Ping-Pong Diplomacy” (broadly translated: diplomatic through table tennis). At that time, before the summits, to show friendship, the sides of the United States and China held many friendly matches.


This is the No. 1 game in the United States. Professional competitions are also held in Canada, and in recent years attempts have been made to expand into Europe. The first major professional competition was held in the United States in the early 1920s. Some of the players who created the American Professional Football Association had a membership of $ 100.

After many ups and downs that change their names, today the tournament is called the NFL with 32 professional teams, the most profitable tournament in the world. According to Forbes, the average cost of each NFL rugby team is $ 950 million, of which the Dallas Cowboys are valued as the most expensive sports team at $ 2.1 billion. The Super Bowl Final is a major annual sporting event. In the 2012 Super Bowl, television stations appear on the screen selling ads for $ 4 million every 30 seconds.


most popular sports - badminton


Like table tennis, badminton is very popular in East Asia. The tournament is attended by about 250 million registered players. Badminton has been included in the Olympic program since 1992. The two countries with the best badminton players are China and Indonesia. Its players win about 70% of all competitions in the world.

Badminton is thin, but completely unique, it can fly the fastest track in sports in tennis: up to 300 km / h. A wonderful ball of goose feathers.


Many consider basketball the second most popular basketball game in the world, but only in football does it lose. Professional basketball tournament in the USA. The United States of America He is known throughout the world, similar to the English Premier League. In the beginning, people also used soccer balls to play basketball. Until 1929, the current basketball was released.


most popular sports - cricket

Baseball version. This is a very popular game in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.). The game of cricket is probably the second most popular game, although in the rest of the world it is completely unknown. The reason is that the places are popular, only about 10-15 countries, but there is a very large population (more than a billion people).


most popular sports - soccer

Last but not least, the most powerful is soccer. Like the unrivaled rugby in the United States, soccer has long been called the “royal sport” in the world. Soccer has the most players and fans, the most viewed and highest-paid players.

World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world. Perhaps these events convinced Americans to reinvest in football in the early 1990s. From a team of amateur students, today’s football team belongs to the most powerful 20-30 football team in the world. Floor. The MLS National Football League is getting stronger and stronger, attracting many big stars, including English midfielder David Beckham, one of the highest-paid players in the world.

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